Todd Kappelt

Hometown: Fairview, PA

Currently: Los Angeles, CA

Shooting stills with: Minolta SRT101


  A native Pennsylvanian, Todd trained his eye though film photography and shooting video of his friends and rich surroundings. Continuing to hone his craft during his time in college, focusing on Cinematography, Todd screened films across the country winning multiple jury prizes and 200 dollars worth of beer in San Francisco. Claiming the beer prize in person, Todd and his collaborators passed through Los Angeles for the first time. It was then, that Todd knew, California was the state for him. He settled in LA a year post-graduation and started cutting his teeth on set. Todd continues to work as a Cinematographer and Camera Operator.

When not on set or shooting photos Todd is probably in the ocean surfing or skateboarding with friends.  


American Cinematographer Magazine

Guitar World

Modern Drummer

All About Bikes Magazine


Howl and Echos


Red Bull Music Academy

Pittsburgh City Paper


Comcast Watchable

Awesomeness TV

Dreamworks TV

Shape House


Concord Music Group


Elan Artists



Buffer Fest LA 2018

Barbary Coast Film Festival 2009 & 2010

 River Bend Film Festival 2011  

Little Rock Film Festival 2011

Three Rivers Film Festival 2009 and 2010

Boston Underground Film Festival 2010